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The foundations of EVKON PREFABRİKE ÇELİK YAPI ÇÖZÜMLERİ A.Ş. were laid 10 years ago in 2012 as EVKON PREFABRICATED LIMITED COMPANY. Today, EVKON A.Ş. rises on solid foundations as well as its structures with the power and confidence it has brought from the past.

The EVKON journey, which started with the unity of the goals of lives to be changed and the principles that will not change, has reached the points it has targeted in every field in which it has been operating so far with bold steps. However, it was the happiness of millions of EVKON residents and the sense of trust gained by the EVKON brand that brought EVKON to this day and made us feel the real pride of being EVKON PREFABRICATED STEEL CONSTRUCTION Solutions Inc.

EVKON A.Ş., which started out as three partners based on expert and engineering foundations and turned into a big family, added every year it left behind to the future of the lives it touched. Today, it is proud of producing a 10-year future.

Fast Delivery
Fast Delivery
Produced in a short time and delivered and installed up to your address
Earthquake Resistant
Earthquake Resistant
Since prefabricated houses are earthquake resistant, they minimize the risk of death and injury.
Easy Licensing
Easy Licensing
Licensing and municipal works of prefabricated houses are easy and cost-free
Heat and Sound Insulation
Heat and Sound Insulation
Heat and sound insulation of prefabricated houses are made by us

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